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Love in disguises for Leehom

   Leehom(R)plays pop star Du Ming-Han while Joan Chen stars as his manager.

29 Jun – Can't believe that Wang Leehom ("Lust, Caution", "Little Big Soldier"), Asia's multi-talented star would be walking around the streets looking like a beggar? Well, fans of the singer/actor will be able to catch him donning peculiar outfits in his directorial debut, "Love In Disguise" slated for 12 August 2010.

"Love In Disguise" is about pop star Du Ming-Han (Wang Leehom) who wishes to find true love amidst his busy schedule. He then attempts to enroll into a school by disguising himself as a student alongside his trusty assistant, played by Chen Han-Tien ("Monga"). The star-studded cast also includes Joan Chen ("Lust, Caution"), Crystal Liu ("The Forbidden Kingdom"), Xie Na ("Young Liu Bo Cheng") and a cameo appearance by Hong Kong singer-songwriter Khalil Fong.

The many characters channeled by Wang Leehom & Chen Han-Tien.

Besides channeling the famous 'Brother Sharp' beggar look, Leehom also experimented with other characters, like applying face paint, pretending to be a football fan, putting on mafia-esque outfits, and also wearing a huge can-endorsement suit! During filming, the crew joked that Leehom looked a lot like the great Argentina striker Gabriel Batistuta. On the other hand, Chen Han Dian wasn't feeling so great about being in a soccer uniform, "I'm only 171 cm. I look like a child wearing adult clothing!"

"Love In Disguise" is slated to open in Singapore and Malaysia on 12 August 2010!

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