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Rapunzel not 'man' enough

Writer: Lai Swee Wei

Rapunzel: "C'mon boys, don't be shy"

5 Aug– In a bid to attract the male species, Walt Disney tactfully renamed upcoming animation film "Rapunzel" from a girl-centric title to a less gender-specific one called "Tangled" as to "not turn off the boys" in the campaign, according to movie distributor. Moreover, the distributor has noted to "never refer to Rapunzel as a princess as she is not a damsel in distress.". Although it has been re-titled as such in the United States, most Asian and European countries will carry forth with the original title.

Prince Flynn Rider created to resemble actor Errol Flynn.

Reason for the alteration was reportedly due to the less-than-fairy-tale box office result of their previous animated release, "The Princess And The Frog" (2009). Apparently, market research has shown that boys do not like films with girls' names in the titles. With regards to that, Disney has also included in efforts to create Prince Flynn Rider as a swashbuckling character who bears a resemblance to actor Errol Flynn, famed for his role as Robin Hood in "The Adventures Of Robin Hood" (1938).

Starring the voices of Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, Disney's version of the Brothers Grimm story has the infamous bandit Flynn Rider meeting his match in the girl with the 70 feet of golden hair, Rapunzel, who has been locked away in a tower for 18 years.

"Rapunzel" is slated to let loose in 3D this 25 November 2010!

Cinema Online, 05 August 2010

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