Wu Chun is no Jack Sparrow

Wu Chun is no Jack Sparrow

Director Daniel Lee and Wu Chun at JW Marriott Hotel KL on 6 February.

17 Feb – Fahrenheit pop idol Wu Chun together with director Daniel Lee stopped by Kuala Lumpur for a two-day visit to promote their latest martial arts flick "14 Blades" and meet the fans at Pavilion KL.

During a media conference held at JW Marriott Hotel KL, members of the press were curious towards his character The Judge's costume that is similar to Captain Jack Sparrow of the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" films. Defending his character's identity, the Brunei-born heartthrob replied, "The character played by Johnny Depp right? I haven't watched the movie but I saw the poster. However I am sure that the director didn't copy the movie."

Director Daniel Lee was confident that the movie will do well in Malaysia considering the fact that the movie will compete with many other CNY movies. He said, "There's nothing to worry as it has already released in China and from the information I've got, '14 Blades' has occupied half of the total box office gross and has become the movie with highest box office gross within 3 days of release. The distributor there even requested to add more screenings."

The movie features ancient China during the Ming Dynasty period where lies a secret weapon, an elite group of assassins, known as 'the masters of the 14 Blades'. "14 Blades" was shot in two locations, Heng Dian, one of the biggest shooting studio in Hang Zhou, and Ning Xia, the desert area, where Wu Chun's character wears the least in the movie. According to the actor, "My character grew up in the desert, so it's a norm to wear lesser clothes and the director wants me to get a tan to look healthier. So everytime when other people are shooting or when the director says 'cut', I will take off my clothes and sun bathe."

The next day, the duo appeared at Pavilion KL, Centre Court at 4pm for a meet and greet session with the fans.

Wu Chun strikes a pose during his visit to Pavilion KL.

Trying his hand at the drum.

Daniel Lee and Wu Chun at Centre Court, Pavilion KL on 7 February.