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Jeffrey's fishy move

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

Can Jeffrey Chiang, director of horror film "Dilarang Masuk" shift to comedy with his upcoming animation "Seefood"?

17 Apr – Malaysian director Jeffrey Chiang recently revealed to Cinema Online in an interview that his next movie would be an animated underwater adventure entitled "Seefood", due out end of the year.

Chiang, whose last effort was horror movie "Dilarang Masuk", expressed how he managed to ask producers to give him a try for an animation feature, in which he serves as a writer and creator of the story.

"I told the producers, give me a try (for "Seefood") and I came up with 7 pages of the story", said Chiang. "In order to write the script, I went scuba diving to gain the underwater experience" he added.

"Seefood" revolves around a bamboo shark named Pup on a hilarious adventure that is set on land.

The Pixar-like CGI animated "Seefood" which has already been sold to countries like Russia, France and China, is a collaborative effort between Malaysian animation studio Silver Ant (who created the Transformers-like 'Stadium Astro' robots in a television advertisement) and the Al Jazeera Children's Channel.

The story of "Seefood" revolves around a bamboo shark named Pup, who is on a mission to go after a bunch of poachers that steal dozens of eggs from his reef in a story where hilarious adventure ensues not only underwater, but on land as well.

A tentative release date for Malaysia and Singapore for "Seefood" is not known at time of publication, but is expected to be sometime at the end of the year.

Cinema Online, 17 April 2011