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Batman & Superman film mash-up

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

Warner Bros might be working in bringing Superman & Batman together in a movie.

17 Aug – Based on recent rumours spreading across comic and movie website forums, Warner Bros studios are keen on uniting Batman's Christian Bale and Superman's Henry Cavill in what would be the ultimate superhero movie, according to a report on Screen Rant website.

The report adds that director Wolfgang Petersen started a similar project ten years ago, but his plans were halted once "Batman Begins" and "Superman Returns" went into production.

Earlier reports claimed that actor Christian Bale who would apparently be bowing out of the "Batman" franchise after the final Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises", would be reluctant to play the caped vigilante again for the possible superhero mash-up movie.

However, Christopher Nolan's involvement in both franchises (director-producer-writer in "Batman" and producer-writer in "Man Of Steel") might make the collaboration between the two DC Comic staples more of a possibility.

Warner Bros have also expressed their interest in the superhero ensemble film "Justice League", especially since Marvel is bringing together their biggest superheroes in the upcoming movie "The Avengers" next year.

"The Dark Knight Rises", which brings Nolan's trilogy to a close, will be released mid next year in Singapore and Malaysia, while Superman's "Man Of Steel" is only expected to hit cinemas in 2013.

Cinema Online, 17 August 2011