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"KL Gangster" no.1

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

Syamsul Yusof directs and stars in "KL Gangster", the highest grossing local movie in Malaysia to date.

27 June – According to an article on Malaysian Insider website, "KL Gangster" has grossed over RM11 million to date at the local box office as the highest grossing local movie in Malaysian history to date.

The article also adds that the movie has surpassed the RM8 million collection target that FINAS had set for local movies, and with other previous top titles in the country such as "Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa" and "Khurafat" that had done well at the local box office recently, an accumulation of almost RM30 million in box office takings from those three local films alone are recorded for this year.

No stranger to colossal box office earnings, "KL Gangster's" director Syamsul Yusof's last horror thriller "Khurafat", which was released earlier this year, raked in RM8.08 million.

"A follow-up movie to "KL Gangster" is in the pipeline, but it will not be a sequel, but rather a prequel. We planned this beforehand, and the prequel will answer many questions raised in KL Gangster. We plan to start shooting the prequel in October," said Syamsul in an interview with the Malay Mail newspaper recently.

"The storyline has been worked out and we just need to fine-tune and tighten it. The original cast will feature again," he added.

The director has an upcoming third film this year titled "Aku Bukan Tomboy", which is expected for release this November during the end year school holidays, with another film, "Jalan Kembali", the sequel to Syamsul's 2009 "Bohsia", which is currently in post production.

Cinema Online, 27 June 2011