TGV lands at Miri

TGV lands at Miri

The new TGV 1Shamelin just opened to the public last 11 November 2011.

2 Dec – TGV cinemas plans to house its first outlet in Sarawak next year in Imperial City Mall Miri, which will boast a total of 8 cinematic screens.

Apart from the 8 halls, the Cineplex is also equipped with 3D projection capabilities and an overall seating capacity of 1,400.

Kenny Wong, CEO of TGV Cinemas said during the signing ceremony between TGV Cinemas and Imperial City Mall that took place yesterday that, "we are pleased to be given the opportunity to share the overall movie-watching experience which is unique from others by introducing the 'beanieplex' concept."

The 'beanieplex' concept will offer moviegoers an option of picking a hall that offers bean bags as their seat, for a more comfortable and laidback experience.

"Moviegoers will not only be satisfied with watching 3D films, but will also get to watch the latest movies the same time that they are released in Peninsula Malaysia," Wong added.

Wong also said that there are plans to expand TGV to cover areas such as Kuching and Bintulu in the near future.

Currently Sarawak only has 6 Cineplexes, a majority of those which are dominated by Star Cineplex that include, Star Cineplex Sibu, Star Cineplex Kuching, Star Cineplex Bintulu and Star Cineplex Miri. The other two Cineplexes are MBO The Spring and Lotus Riverside.

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