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"The Roommate" knocks

Writer: Anne Jamaludin

7 Feb – It is the start of Super Bowl season in the U.S. and two movies explored the dark recesses of caves and dorm rooms - "The Roommate" saw the faint glimmer of the top spot, while "Sanctum" sank to new depths for a modern 3D action movie. However this still goes down as the least-attended Super Bowl weekend in 15 years for the weekend just gone (4-7 Feb), as reported by Box Office Mojo.

Leighton Meester (right) plays a deranged college freshman who becomes obsessed with her new roommate played by Minka Kelly in "The Roommate".

The tracker site also reported that "Roommate", the derivative of "Single White Female", enrolled an estimated US$15.6 million".

With 84 percent of its gross coming from 3D presentations, "Sanctum" unearthed an estimated US$9.2 million which was less than Piranha 3D's $10.1 million start and among spelunking thrillers, "Sanctum" grossed more than "The Descent" and "The Cave", though its attendance was less than either one, and its opening was below par for survival thrillers in general.

While previous weekend's chart-topper, "The Rite" took the most severe hit among nationwide releases, plummeting 62 percent to an estimated US$5.6 million for a US$23.7 million sum in ten days.

"The Roommate" will open in Malaysia on 21 April and a week later in Singapore while "Sanctum" is scheduled for a 17 February release on both Malaysia and Singapore.

Meanwhile GSC Mid Valley cinema manager Lee Kong Yew revealed that the top three highest-grossing movies at the prime location were overwhelming crowd favourites over the Chinese New Year weekend were "The Green Hornet", "Shaolin" and "I Love Hong Kong".

Lion dance at GSC 1 Utama over the weekend

Other new releases and sneak shows over the weekend in Malaysia include "What Women Want", "Mr. & Mrs. Incredible", "Yogi Bear" and "All's Well Ends Well 2011".

New releases and sneak shows in Singapore over the weekend include "No Strings Attached", "What Women Want", "The King's Speech", "Triangle", "If You Are The One 2", "Mr. & Mrs. Incredible", "I Love Hong Kong", "The Rebound", "Homecoming", "The Green Hornet" and "All's Well Ends Well 2011".



Box office takings for the weekend just gone (4 – 7 Feb)
1) The Green Hornet
2) All's Well Ends Well 2011
3) I Love Hong Kong
4) Shaolin
5) Mr. & Mrs. Incredible
6) Ypgi Bear
7) Homecoming
8) Great Day
9) Kavalan
10) Khurafat - Perjanjian Syaitan
1) The Green Hornet
2) It's A Great Great World
3) Homecoming
4) Shaolin
5) All's Well Ends Well 2011
6) I Love Hong Kong
7) Mr & Mrs Incredible
8) The Rebound
9) Hereafter
10) Burlesque

Cinema Online, 07 February 2011

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