"21 Jump Street" reports 1st

"21 Jump Street" reports 1st

(Left) Jonah Hill and (right) Channing Tatum play Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko, two former classmates who meet again at police academy respectively.

20 Mar– It is easy to see why "21 Jump Street" came out first in the US weekend box office (15 – 18 Mar) with its casting of popular actors Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in the leads and broadly-appealing premise. As a loose remake of the crime procedural drama of the same name starring Johnny Depp, the action comedy tells the story of two former classmates who meet again at the police academy and become best friends, only to be assigned a revived specialty division on 21 Jump Street. With an opening number of US$36.3 million, "21 Jump Street" performed so much better than Andrew Stanton's "John Carter", which plummeted to third last weekend, while two-time winner "The Lorax" dipped to second.

In Malaysia, "John Carter" continued to reign at the top, while "The Lorax" eased up to second place. It had been a relatively quiet weekend with no new blockbusters opening to provide the competition, thus allowed moviegoers and fans who could not watch it in its packed opening week to catch up on "John Carter" and "The Lorax", after having watched "Seefood". Patrick Yau's "3X Trouble" debuted third, which starred local actor Jack Lim in one of the leads alongside Rynn Lim and Dai Yang Tian in their movie debuts. The movie tells the story of three good friends who make their living by opening stores in the night market, but when their livelihood is threatened, the trio make a decision that will forever change their lives.

In Singapore, "John Carter" also took first followed by "The Lorax" in second place. As "3X Trouble" is not due to be released until 5 April, Daniel Radcliffe's "The Woman In Black" debuted at third, which is a surprise, considering its lacklustre opening in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, other new releases over the weekend were "A Simple Life", "Bunohan", "7 Petala Cinta", "Kazhagu" and "Chaar Din Ki Chandni".

On the other hand, other releases in Singapore were, "Love Strikes!", "Point Blank", "Trespass", "The Soul Of Bread", "Joyful Noise", "Chaar Din Ki Chandni" and "Salmon Fishing In The Yemen".

Box office takings for the weekend just gone (15 March – 18 March 2012)
1) John Carter
2) The Lorax
3) 3x Trouble
4) Seefood
5) 7 Petala Cinta
6) A Simple Life
7) This Means War
8) Bunohan
9) Adnan Sempit 2
10) The Woman in Black
1) John Carter
2) The Lorax
3) The Woman in Black
4) Act Of Valor
5) This Means War
6) The Lady
7) Tresspass
8) A Simple Life
9) The Soul of Bread
10) Man on a Ledge

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