Franco will teach you how to pick-up ladies

Franco will teach you how to pick-up ladies

James Franco will be playing 'Mystery' a character based on Neil Strauss' memoir for "The Game".

9 Jan – Golden Globe Award winner James Franco is in negotiations to play a role in, "The Game", a pick-up artist's story based on Neil Strauss's best-selling memoir about seducing and picking up women.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 34-year-old American actor will play 'Mystery', a character who teaches Strauss the art of seduction and how to become a successful pick-up artist.

Best known for their screenwriting effort in "Ocean's Thirteen", David Levien and Brian Koppelman will be working together again for "The Game".

The movie will follow its main character, Strauss, who stumbles across the 'seduction community' while working on an article. Intrigued by the subculture, he starts participating in the online discussion groups, mainly out of his own frustration with his romantic life. As he becomes more and more involved in the romantic community, Strauss attends a "Bootcamp" conducted by Mystery.

It then narrates the journey of how Strauss goes through the various stages of becoming a Pick-up artist, description about the various members of the community and how Strauss befriends many of the members, particularly Mystery.

For the time being, Strauss' character has not been cast yet, with Franco being the only name having brought forward for the undated movie.

This year, the "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes" actor will be reuniting with his "Pineapple Express" co-star, Seth Rogen, in the latter's directorial debut, "The Apocalypse".

He will also play a cameo as Playboy kingpin; Hugh Hefner, in the upcoming biopic, "Lovelace", a true story based on the iconic porn star Linda Lovelace, alongside with "In Time" actress, Amanda Seyfried.