Get exclusive at TGV

Get exclusive at TGV

TGV Sunway Pyramid's latest addition, TGV Club, is now officially open to the public.

19 Jan – With the recent launch of TGV IMAX and the refurbishment of its Sunway Pyramid Cineplex, TGV now unveiled their latest addition in the form of Premier Class Halls aptly known as, TGV Club, which was officially unveiled yesterday.

Deemed as TGV's first exclusive movie experience, TGV Club comprises of 2 halls that each encompasses a seating capacity of 66 seats. Ticket prices are set to RM26 per couple seat and RM25 for a normal plush seat.

The two halls are designed with extra plush seats to resemble airlines seating classes in mind with tiered seating options.

The introduction of TGV Club also comes with a separate snack counter known as Cantina, with menu choices ranging from Haagen-Dazs ice cream, mocktails, pastries, salads, sausages and coffee which allow moviegoers to enjoy them in a premium lounge environment also available within the area.

CEO of TGV Cinemas Kenny Wong and Cinnamon.

Inside the TGV Club hall.


The exclusive snack counter, Cantina.

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