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"Ong Bak" director for "Tekken" prequel

A still from "Tekken" (2010) on which the prequel will be based on.

23 May – The 2010 martial arts film "Tekken" by Dwight Little only received lukewarm reception from fans and critics alike, which is why the prequel will see an overhaul, with "Ong Bak" director Prachya Pinkaew to sit in the director's chair this time for the film's prequel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Thai director has been recruited by Crystal Sky Productions, the studio that was responsible for the 2010 film, to bring in his strand of hard-hitting action for the prequel, which has been titled "Tekken: Rise Of The Tournament".

For those not in the know, both "Tekken" films are adaptations of a popular fighting game series of the same name by Katsuhiro Harada that was developed and published by Namco/Namco Bandai.

However, regarding this latest prequel rumour, Harada remarked that it is just a rumour, as the film has yet to secure a production deal or release date.

Aside from Prachya, no names were mentioned for the cast, although the Crystal Sky has expressed that they are more interested in getting a cast that closely resembles the original characters as opposed to big-name stars to go toe to toe on screen.