Sharnaaz sued by "Darah Panas" team

Sharnaaz sued by "Darah Panas" team

Local actor Sharnaaz Ahmad reportedly sued for leaving "Darah Panas" filming set and for assault.

5 Nov – Rising actor Sharnaaz Ahmad, whose real name is Sharnaaz Basir Ahmad, has been accused of acting like a diva on the set of "Darah Panas" recently, such as leaving the set on 5 October so that he could meet his girlfriend, singer Shila Amzah, according to Kosmo!.

What made matters worse is that Sharnaaz told the production team that he wanted time off to return to Pulau Pinang to visit his sick father, only for the couple to be spotted at Hotel MS Garden, Kuantan, Pahang, the very next day. Nevertheless, the actor was bound by contract to stay on set for 30 days of filming, but at the time of his leave, he had only worked for 17.

The 27-year-old actor also allegedly shoved and grabbed the neck of the "Darah Panas" assistant director, Mohd. Hafiz Mat Ishak, for having to wait long to obtain his costumes, resulting in the late wrap up of filming, as he had to rush to meet Shila, who is flying off to China to join Asian Wave 2012 in Shanghai.

A picture of the couple, Shila Amzah and Sharnaaz Ahmad.

As a result, the producer of "Darah Panas", S. Baldev, has taken legal action towards Sharnaaz, issuing a summons through the legal firm Shook Lin & Bok, Advocates & Solicitors, which required the "Bukan Bidadari" drama actor to apologise publicly through the media just two weeks ago.

However, Sharnaaz has not responded to the summons yet.

When asked about the issue, the actor insisted that he has not received any legal letter or summons from Baldev's side until now. He also added that the accusations made against him are merely slander, which is why he has not received the summons from Baldev.

"I have nothing to fear because I'm not in the wrong. I never said that I was a 100% right but he [Baldev] has no right to talk bad about and slander me. Anyway, I will only apologise to those that I have wronged."

Directed by Arjin Uppal, Baldev's son, "Darah Panas" is produced by White Merpati Entertainment Sdn. Bhd. Meanwhile, Sharnaaz is set to appear next in the horror thriller "Sembunyi" on 22 November 2012.