Aaron Aziz & Nabil talk "Kriptik"

Aaron Aziz & Nabil talk "Kriptik"

Aaron Aziz makes his directorial debut with "Kriptik".

16 May – Previously titled "Romeo Kota", Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH) 2011's winner, Aaron Aziz's directorial debut is now confirmed to be titled "Kriptik".

According to the Singaporean actor, he is satisfied with how the film turned out; although he knows that there are flaws, which he hopes can be fixed in editing.

"The most important thing for me is that the audience will like the performances and stunts of the actors in the film rather than just the locations that the film was shot at."

Not only will Aaron direct the film, he will play one of the two male leads as well, while Nabil Ahmad will play the other. According to Nabil, he is very impressed by Aaron's skills in the director's seat, and described him as an intelligent and efficient planner who knew what he [Aaron] wanted and how to achieve the desired results.

"When Aaron offered me a role in the film, I immediately agreed to it because there are fight scenes. I've never done any fight scenes before. Usually I'm known for starring in comedic roles and horror films."

"I have to admit that I wasn't an easy person to manage because I love to joke and play pranks, but Aaron understood me and was always patient with my antics. He would give specific instructions to me when we are doing a serious scene because I was new to them [fight scenes] and I couldn't help being humorous as I'm naturally a funny person. He even got a few assistant directors to help out!" said Nabil.

To that Aaron responded, "Yes, I was stressed out every time I directed Nabil's scenes because it was difficult to get him to shed his humorous persona for a more serious one! But he always did his best so I'm comfortable working with him."

Aaron Aziz in "Lari".

Below is a more detailed synopsis of "Kriptik":

Maria, a college student is found unconscious by the street, with evidence showing that she has been raped. Two detectives, Corporal Romi and Lance Corporal Fakrul, are given a month to investigate her case. In order to carry out their investigation, they go undercover under the codename 'Romeo Kota' and enrol in Maria's college, with Romi as a lecturer and Fakrul as a student. In the process, Romi and Fakrul meet Ema, the most popular girl in school, and end up falling for her, leading to various complications.

The action comedy film will be distributed by Excellent Pictures but no release date has been confirmed as yet.

Aaron can next be seen in Ahmad Idham's action thriller, "Lari", which will hit local cinemas on 6 June 2013.

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