Aaron Aziz used to be a gangster

Aaron Aziz used to be a gangster

Aaron Aziz shares his gangster days.

5 Jul – Aaron Aziz, whose real name is Aaron Mustapha Aziz, confessed that he is often considered a violent and intimidating man, and the 37-year-old actor finally tells us why.

The actor confesses that he had a group of gangsters in Singapore during his teenage years.

Aaron Aziz in Ahmad Idham's "Lari".
"I made friends with some bad people, but we would not necessarily be considered evil. In my opinion, the friends I made who took me under their wing taught me how to be street smart and observant. But that was in my younger years, and I was mostly just curious about the experience," he said.

Aaron will also be the first Asian actor to appear on E! Entertainment in the program titled "E! Special: Aaron Aziz". In the special, Aaron will share his personal stories, especially about his childhood and adolescence.

"I honestly did not expect the opportunity for my personal and career detailed to be shown in a special biography program in a popular entertainment channel. I consider it as an honour."

He also laughed off the possibility of there being a controversy.

"The production crew were trying to find anything controversial to be shown in the program, but they were surprised."

E! Aaron Aziz special' premiered yesterday, 7th July and will be showing again tonight at 10.30pm as well, with repeats till the 18th July only on E! Entertainment (Starhub Ch441)

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