Aaron Aziz to direct film

Aaron Aziz to direct film

Aaron Aziz will try his hand at directing.

10 Apr – Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz is set to take a seat on the director's chair with his first feature film debut, "Romeo Kota", joining forces with producer Ahmad Murugan and Excellent Pictures for the project.

The actor had said that at first, he was only offered to act in the film but later, when they offered him the opportunity to direct the film he realised that it would be a great opportunity for his career.

"This is my chance to improve my knowledge, not only in acting but directing as well. I am grateful to the publishers for their faith in me."

Aaron Aziz co-starred with Nadiya Nisaa in the television series "Adam & Hawa".

He started filming with Nabil from "Raja Lawak" as the main character since 26 March 2013 in Klang Valley. Aaron, though tired and stressed from balancing his role as an actor and director in the film, mentioned that he is still handling the situation well, "Though overwhelming, I will try to make my first production something I could be proud of."

"Romeo Kota" is an action comedy film about two undercover police officers trying to solve a crime in a college.

Besides the film, Aaron Aziz will also return to television after his successful drama "Adam & Hawa" in a new series by Global Station in Astro.

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