Raja Azmi shows proof of con

Raja Azmi shows proof of con

Raja Azmi holding up the proof that Adam Davin is not who he claimed to be.

6 Jun – Raja Azmi, who is fondly known to fans as Kak Mi, finally stepped forward with proof for her accusations that Adam Davin, an individual who claimed that he was an interested investor and actor for her film "Anak Ikan", is a conman.

The man known as Adam Davin, whose real name is actually Davinder Singh Gurehnan Sing, was said to have cheated Raja Azmi and many more individuals through manipulation and quoting the controversial producer's name, whom he claimed to be his best friend.

After he published a statement in Harian Metro and Astro Awani yesterday, Raja Azmi, 52, came forward to explain herself and show proof to refute the man's claims.

"I never expected that I would be slandered by him yesterday. All these years, I've never once slandered anyone."

She added, "I want to clear my name that was tarnished as a result of his statements and I want him to stop using my name in his cons."

After she uploaded her true statement on her Instagram account, Raja Azmi got about 10 other individuals to come forward to admit that they were also victims of Adam Davin.

Raja Azmi with the other victims of Adam Davin's con schemes.

"Many have replied to my post and reported that the same con was carried out on them. About 10 people came to tell me that they have been cheated with false promises by Adam Davin that he would sell them an iPhone at a cheaper price."

Raja Azmi hopes that with her statement, the local authorities can begin their investigation as soon as possible, and the man who claimed that he is the son of Jakel's owner, the brand being the name of a famous textile shop, is arrested quickly so that there will be no further victims of his schemes.

"I never expected that he would use my name to obtain money. The people who know me will know that I'm someone who easily trusts others. Maybe he is one of them, so he made me a target. But it's all right, I think of this as a lesson," said the producer of "... Dalam Botol".

Although the team faced many problems in the production of the film "Anak Ikan", which is estimated to cost about RM 1 million, Raja Azmi reassured fans that production for the film will still go on without external sponsorship.

"If Adam kept to his word and really invested in my film as he said, from his looks alone he would have been able to play the hero of the film. However, after this, I'll have to move on and hold auditions for a suitable actor."