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"3 Doors Of Horrors" to premiere on YouTube

"3 Doors Of Horrors" is screened in conjunction of the Hungry Ghost Festival.

13 Aug – Prominent Malaysian filmmaker James Lee is set to premiere his short horror anthology on YouTube this Saturday, 17 August at 8pm.

Developed and produced by Lee, the anthology consists of three short films that are directed by three up-and-coming, award winning local filmmakers. They are Leroy Low, whose segment is titled "I Miss You Two", Edmund Yeo with "Floating Sun" and Ng Ken Kin with "Horror Mission".

Last month, the trailer for "3 Doors Of Horrors" was posted on YouTube, with 27,769 views and counting.

The eerie poster for "Floating Sun", directed by Edmund Yeo about a female novelist who is haunted by the image of a drowned corpse.

James initiated the horror anthology project with the aim of introducing Malaysian and Singaporean audiences to a new cohort of talented young filmmakers. "Any industry gets stagnant if there are no new works by new blood," said James in a recent interview.

James, who is part of Doghouse73 Pictures, has plans to produce more original short films and contents for the independent studio's YouTube channel after the first instalment of this series.

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