Lai Yuk Long: Everyone loves Aaron

Lai Yuk Long: Everyone loves Aaron

Aaron Aziz and Scha Al-Yahya in "Dampak".

6 Jul – After Cinema Online's exclusive chat with director Lai Yuk Long, who is behind the highly-anticipated Malaysian action film "Dampak", he revealed that hiring high profile stars like Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz and Malaysian actress Scha Al-Yahya for the film without first making sure that they have chemistry was quite a gamble.

However, Lai Yuk Long is also confident that the on screen couple will work very well together.

Why would he cast them in the first place, you ask? Lai Yuk Long admitted that he chose his actors based on their fan bases and appeal.

"We do admit that we want to appeal to mass audiences in Malaysia, and we know that Aaron has a massive fan base here. We also wanted Farid Kamil, Juliana Evans, Intan Ladyana and Scha Al-Yahya to be a part of the film because they do appeal to a wide amount of people."

Aaron Aziz makes sure everyone watches it for the plot.

When he was asked whether the chemistry of the actors had been compromised white shooting the film, he responded confidently, "We just believed in their abilities as actors to work with each other and the whole film team for the chemistry. We all listened and communicated with each other and that's what differentiates us with other film crews, amongst other things."

"Dampak" will be released in Malaysia on 19 September 2013.

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