"Istanbul Aku Datang" to Osaka

"Istanbul Aku Datang" to Osaka

Lisa Surihani and Tomok in "Istanbul Akan Datang".

12 Mar – Malaysians be proud, for Benard Chauly's "Istanbul Aku Datang" will be competing at the International Film Festival Osaka in Japan from 14 to 18 March.

According to Tengku Iesta Tengku Alaudin, the film head for Primeworks Studios, the selection of this film starring Lisa Surihani, Beto Kusyairy and Tomok, for the prestigious film festival is a sign that the romantic comedy has been recognised internationally.

This is not the first time that a local film has been selected for an international film festival. "Songlap", which was directed by Effendee and Fariza Azlina, starring Shaheizy Sam, Syafie Naswip and Sara Ali, had been nominated for seven different film festivals outside of Malaysia.

"Istanbul Aku Datang" will compete alongside 12 other films from different Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and China in the film festival.

Tengku Iesta in the middle with the stars of "Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali"

Tengku Iesta went on to add, "This film will elevate the good name of our country and to the genre that a romantic comedy can do as well as a thriller or action film."

"The feminine aspect of Lisa Surihani's character, Dian, will also appeal to female audiences. What's also clear is that the demand for romantic comedies still exists and audiences all over the world would love it."

"Istanbul Aku Datang" tells the story of Dian, a headstrong girl who heads to Istanbul in order to get her lover Farouk (Tomok) to propose to her, only to find her plans upset when she is forced to move into an apartment with another man.