"Kung Fu Hustle 2" no go

"Kung Fu Hustle 2" no go

Stephen Chow sits down with Cinema Online for a chat.

29 Jan – Legendary screen comedian Stephen Chow has admitted that plans for making "Kung Fu Hustle 2" has been put on hold during an interview in Taiwan with Cinema Online.

"I was indeed in the midst of making the movie, but it is currently put on hold in view of other incoming projects," said the director.

Will "Kung Fu Hustle 2" see the light of day then?

At this point, any plans for any movies are kept under wraps as Chow has chosen to remain tight-lipped about all upcoming projects.

The one thing he is able to confirm though, is that he is willing to make a comeback on-screen provided the character is someone he is interested in playing. The decision has been something that Chow's fans have been keeping track of as his soon-to-be released Chinese New Year movie, "Journey To The West", is sorely missing the comic legend.

There was even a point in his career where the director had announced that he will no longer dabble in acting but concentrate on directing work. While he later retracted the comment, his decision to continue appearing in front of the camera remains to be questioned as there has not been any news of Chow taking up a new role in any movie.

Main lady of "Journey Of The West" Shu Qi, was absent during the Taiwan Press Conference.

For his latest movie, Chow has chosen to be fully involved behind-the-scenes so as to concentrate on producing a quality film experience. But he promised that the choice to hide behind the cameras would not be a permanent one.

What is the magic role that will prompt him back onto the big screens? All Chow is willing to say, is that it would be a role set in modern times as a period movie is a genre that is too much of a hassle to star in.

Judging by the slightly cheeky answer, there is a possibility that the director is hinting that his next fare might be set in modern times.

For now, fans of Stephen Chow can catch his work with "Journey Of The West" releasing in Malaysia and Singapore on 7 February.

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