Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm

Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm

Michael B. Jordan is the Human Torch?

21 Oct – Rumour has it that "Chronicle" actor Michael B. Jordan has been cast for the Human Torch role in the "Fantastic Four" reboot, and he vaguely confirms the news!

Michael B. Jordan, star of the acclaimed found-footage super-powered teen flick "Chronicle", made by director Josh Trank (who is developing the new "Fantastic Four" film) is up for consideration to play Johnny Storm, a.k.a. the Human Torch in the film.

"Nothing is real," says Jordan about the news. "Everyone knows Josh Trank and I are good friends. It's something that if it happened I would be ecstatic," he says, giving a big wink. "I'd love to be a part of it."

"That wink was off the record," he then laughs.

Chris Evans as The Human Torch in 2005's "Fantastic Four" with Jessica Alba.

However, with the coming of this news there is bound to be many upset comic book purists objecting to a black actor being cast in a white role. Many of which have already taken to social media to express their hate.

"Michael B. Jordan, a black man, as Johnny Storm? Johnny Storm is a good looking playboy with a white sister....Johnny Storm is white and always has been," wrote social media commenter 'thewanderer'.

For Johnny's sister, Sue Storm, it's unclear whether the studio is going to go with a white actress or a black actress for the role. Some rumors have indicated that actresses Saoirse Ronan, Kate Mara or Margot Robbie will play Johnny's sister Sue Storm, which raises the issue of different skin color from Jordan. "Orange is the New Black" star Samira Wiley has been rumored to be in the mix as well.

The "Fantastic Four" reboot is being directed by Josh Trank and produced by Matthew Vaughn (director of "Kick-Ass" and "X-Men: First Class"), based on a script written by Jeremy Slater and revised by Seth Grahame-Smith.

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