Michelle Yeoh's Lifetime Achievement

Michelle Yeoh's Lifetime Achievement

Michelle Yeoh accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award.

1 Apr – Malaysia has managed to earn four coveted awards at the Asean International Film Festival and Awards ceremony at the Borneo Convention Centre in Kuching, Sarawak last Sunday night, earning Best Screenplay (Dain Iskandar Said for "Bunohan"), Best Comedy Picture ("Istanbul Aku Datang"), Best Action Picture ("Songlap") and Best Actor (Shaheizy Sam for "Songlap").

But the most celebrated Malaysian of the night was Datuk Michelle Yeoh, who accepted her AIFFA Lifetime Achievement Award from Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud. Yeoh was last seen for her role as pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi in "The Lady" with David Thewlis in 2011.

According to Shaheizy Sam, he did not expect to win anything at all, "I am delighted, touched, and feel very honoured by the recognition given for my work by the members of the jury."

Shaheizy Sam won the award for Best Actor at AIFFA 13.

Malaysian director, U-Wei Shaari, who directed "Hanyut" was also honoured and given a Special Honour Award in the same night.

The Special Jury Award went to the film "Kayan Beauties" from Myanmar, "Rectorverso" from Indonesia, "Ada Apa Dengan Rina" from Brunei and "Taxi! Taxi!" from Singapore.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian film "Cinta Tapi Beda" directed by Hestu Saputra and Hanung Bramantyo was chosen to accept the Hope Award, and "Atambua 39 Degree Celcius" director Riri Riza received the Best Director award.

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