Nam Ron: "Psiko" isn't cliche

Nam Ron: "Psiko" isn't cliche

Nam Ron.

29 Aug – The director of the upcoming murder mystery film "Psiko: Pencuri Hati", Nam Ron, who has been around the entertainment world for some time from theatre to writing and directing his own work for short and independent films like "Gedebe", "Gadoh" and "Jalan Pintas", has directed his first commercial feature length film titled "Psiko: Pencuri Hati".

The director, upon releasing the film which will be out early September, has also stated that he prefers storylines that aren't so 'cliché'.

"It's not just my desire to have something that is different from existing films. My film should focus on aspects such as the appreciation of the life and soul of the characters. I took the opportunity to share what I thought about road to one's self. The story has its own meaning in a life filled with emotional turmoil, without realizing it."

A still of "Psiko: Pencuri Hati".

Nam Ron also says that the movie carries a positive message for the audience, despite the dark themes, "This movie, symbolically, leaves a positive message to the audience through a life filled with challenges and internal conflicts."

"Psiko: Pencuri Hati", about a murder mystery writer who tries to find some quiet time whilst doing research but finds himself succumbing to the darkness, stars Sharifah Amani, Bront Palarae and Syed Hussein and will be released in 5 September.

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