Nik Amir films "Bikin Filem" next

Nik Amir films "Bikin Filem" next

(L-R) Cristina Suzanne, Nik Amir Mustapha, Tengku Iesta, Redza Minhat.

15 May – Even before his directorial debut "KIL" opens in local cinemas, director Nik Amir Mustapha revealed that he is currently shooting his second feature film, which is in its final stages.

Titled "Bikin Filem", not much is made known about the film except that Bront Palarae and "KIL" star Redza Minhat has a hand in it. The film is produced by Playground Productions, with Nik Amir's friend and colleague Rewan Ishak to serve as editor.

Meanwhile, "KIL" was recently announced to have been selected for screening out of competition in Cannes Film Festival in the "Marche Du Film" slot, alongside local films "Penanggal", "Bola Kampung The Movie" and "Vikingdom".

Redza Minhat plays Akil, a depressed and suicidal young man.

The film tells the story of a depressed and suicidal young man named Akil, whose attempts to take his life never succeeded. He finds the perfect solution in a flyer for Life Action Bureau, also known as LAB, a company that helps people end their pain. However, just after he agrees to the contract, Akil meets a girl named Zara, who lives in the same apartment block, leading him to question his intentions of dying.

"KIL" stars Redza Minhat and Cristina Suzanne, supported by Harun Salim Bachik, Hasnul Rahmat and Dira Abu Zahar. The film opens in Malaysia on 30 May 2013.

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