No Loki in "Avengers 2"

No Loki in "Avengers 2"

What does Loki future hold for him in the "Avengers" franchise?

3 Jan – Tom Hiddleston's Loki may have garnered praises for being the scheming villain who was close to outsmarting the superhero team in "Marvel's The Avengers", but there is a chance he won't be making a return for the sequel in 2015.

According to Total Film, the actor suspects that there may not be room for his villain in the next instalment when questioned about Loki's return.

"I suspect not, only because I think that probably the audiences are tired of Loki being the bad guy. Maybe the Avengers need somebody else to fight. But I'd love to be part of it again," said Hiddleston.

Loki's last appearance would most likely be in "Thor: The Dark World".

His words may ring true especially since post-credits scene in "Marvel's The Avengers" had revealed Thanos to be the mastermind in whatever evil scheme is being cooked up next.

For now, fans of Loki will have to satisfy themselves to seeing him in the upcoming "Thor: The Dark World", set for a Malaysian and Singaporean release on 31 October this year.

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