"Prisoners" lead box office

"Prisoners" lead box office

A still from "Prisoners".

25 Sep – "Prisoners" starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal managed to climb to the top of the box office last weekend (20-22 September) for both Singapore and the U.S.

In Singapore, the film beat out films like "2 Guns", "We're The Millers" and "We're A Nice Normal Family" (or "Malavita" as it is known in Malaysia). In the U.S., "Prisoners" beat out "Insidious: Chapter 2" from their number one spot last weekend.

"Prisoners" is a dramatic thriller directed by Denis Villeneuve about Keller Dover after he discovers that his daughter and her friend go missing. He then takes matters into his own hands as the police pursue multiple leads and the pressure mounts.

Mark Walhberg and Denzel Washington in "2 Guns".

In Malaysia, "2 Guns" ruled the box office last weekend instead. The film, starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg about a DEA agent and a naval intelligence officer who find themselves on the run after a botched attempt to infiltrate a drug cartel beat out films like "Judgement Day" and Malaysian action film "Dampak", which is doing well in the box office charts with third place.

"Dampak" is tells the story of five siblings, who were raised by a martial arts master in the village who taught them his skills so that when they get older, they would be able to help him seek revenge on his archenemy, who resides in the city.

Other new films that opened over the weekend in Malaysia are, "Phata Poster Nikhila Hero", "Ya-Ya", "6", "Malavita", "Marai Mugam" and "My Lucky Star".

Other new films that opened over the weekend in Singapore are, "Phata Poster Nikhila Hero", "1", "My Lucky Star", "American Dreams In China", "Dampak", "We're A Nice Normal Family" and "The World's End".

Box office takings for the weekend just gone (19 September - 25 September 2013)

1) 2 Guns    
2) Judgment Day    
3) Dampak    
4) Riddick
5) The Internship    
6) Prisoners    
7) Vikingdom    
8) Lagenda Budak Hostel    
9) My Lucky Star    
10) Malavita
1) Prisoners
2) 2 Guns    
3) We're The Millers    
4) We're A Nice Normal Family    
5) Riddick    
6) Planes    
7) Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters    
8) The World's End    
9) Ilo Ilo    
10) My Lucky Star


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