Ronan's "Star Wars" rumour confirmed

Ronan's "Star Wars" rumour confirmed

Saoirse Ronan might be up for a role in the new "Star Wars" film!

2 Oct – It has already been known that Saoirse Ronan, from films like "The Host" and "The Lovely Bones", had auditioned for "Star Wars: Episode VII", but now the actress has officially confirmed it herself!

Saoirse Ronan confirmed that she auditioned for the new "Star Wars" film recently, but she stressed that it didn't mean much. After confirming her audition, Ronan added, "So has everyone."

Ronan also didn't give too much away from her interview by Sky News, apart from what the fans have already known. Although, when she was asked if she could tell any more, Ronan said that she couldn't because the "Star Wars" bosses would "chop off [my] head with a light-saber." has pointed out that this part of the interview in itself seems like the negotiations are still in place, which makes her involvement sound like it's more than just another actress who auditioned.

Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron are two of the rumoured actors to have auditioned for roles in "Star Wars: Epsisode VII".
Other than Ronan, there have been countless actors who are rumoured to have auditioned for the same film. The actors rumored to have auditioned include Michael B. Jordan, David Oyelowo, Alex Pettyfer, Rachel Hurd-Wood, and, most notably, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Other well-known actors to have supposedly auditioned for a role are Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron, but the rumoured list is said to be more extensive. Latino Review reported that Efron and Gosling's names have been thrown around a lot in the casting for "Star Wars Episode VII". Leonardo DiCaprio was apparently up for a role at one point, but later dropped out. The role in question was rumoured to be Luke Skywalker's son, and it's a good guess to say that Gosling might be up for the role instead.

Though most of the news regarding the new "Star Wars" film are just rumours, what we can confirm is that director J.J. Abrams wants the new film to be like the original trilogy, which felt more real than the prequels. This will be achieved in "Episode VII" by using less CGI and being shot on real film.

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