Walker's autopsy results rushed

Walker's autopsy results rushed

The Porsche which claimed the life of Paul Walker and his friend, left in ruins after the fiery crash.

3 Dec - Medical examiners in Los Angeles are rushing for actor Paul Walker's dental records in order to release autopsy results from the fiery car crash that claimed the actor's life, whose body is reportedly so badly damaged that it's unrecognisable.

(Top) Paul Walker and friend Roger Rodas. (Bottom left) Paul Walker's final moments captured getting into the Porsche that would end his life. (Bottom right) The totalled Porsche after the crash.
The autopsy results would clarify if the cause of death of the 40-year-old star was due to the impact from the crash or from the fiery explosion, a question many heartbroken fans as well as his family and friends would like answered soon.

Co-star Tyrese visibly devastated upon visiting the crash site.
The shocking tragedy which took place over the weekend claimed the life of the "Fast And Furious" actor as well as his friend and business partner, Roger Rodas, the CEO of Always Evolving, a car performance and products company for which Walker has stakes in.

After leaving a charity event for Paul Walker's organisation, Reach Out Worldwide, the duo was last seen driving a red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT sports car in Santa Clarita, California, where a few miles away the car crashed into a pole and consequently burst into flames.

Witnesses at the scene tried to put out the flames and save the passengers, but it was to no avail, as the car burned until authorities arrived.

Additionally, the Los Angeles Sheriff's department has stepped forward to dispute claims that a second vehicle was involved and that they were in a street race that went horribly wrong.

The seventh sequel of "Fast And Furious" movie for which Walker was shooting halfway, will be delayed but not scrapped, confirms a Hollywood source close to the studio.

The production studio, Universal, will be having further discussions in the coming few weeks with director James Wan, where a re-script decision is expected to take place.

Initially, "Fast And Furious 7" was expected to be released in Malaysia and Singapore on 10 July 2014.

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