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"White Rajah" to shoot next year

Writer: Dzamira Dzafri

Rob Allyn (right) during a press conference on the making of the film "White Rajah"

James Brooke was a British adventurer and the first White Rajah of Sarawak.

7 Jul – With an estimated budget of USD$15 million, the film "White Rajah" will tell the story of the Rajah himself, James Brooke. Brooke was known for falling in love with the beauty, wildlife and the Malay, Dayak, and Chinese cultures of Sarawak and his story is expected to be shot next year.

Chief Executive of Margate House Films, Rob Allyn said that it was a dream for any filmmaker to shoot in the country where the story really took place.

"Sarawak is blessed with beautiful beaches, jungles, rivers, exotic wildlife, varieties of tourism amenities and state-of-the-art studios," he beamed.

"We came here at the invitation of the Brooke family and the government to walk in the Rajah's footsteps, and explore whether it is feasible to shoot film this big here in Sarawak," Allyn said at a press conference.

Allyn also talked about the future of Malaysia's tourism industry if things go well, "With Hollywood stars, hundreds of local and foreign crew, thousands of extras and the opportunity for substantial employment, film training and worldwide visibility, 'White Rajah' could be a significant boom to the tourism industry here. It would be the biggest-budget film ever made in Sarawak."

Although no potential Hollywood star had been named yet, Allyn did hint that eight British-Australian Hollywood actors had been initially targeted to take on the lead role.

Cinema Online, 07 July 2013