"World War Z" at Sunway Lagoon

"World War Z" at Sunway Lagoon

Consultant director of Sunway Lagoon Bill Holman, The Sudden Impact! Chairman Lynton V Harris and a few zombies.

20 Jun – In conjunction with the release of Brad Pitt's "World War Z" in local cinemas, Sunway Lagoon theme park has decided to bring fans a real-life experience of what it would be like to live in a zombie-infested world!

The Lynton V Harris's Scream Park at Sunway Lagoon has added a new "World War Z" feature as their sixth and latest expansion, along with "Ghost House in 3D", "Pontianak: Theater Of Fear" and "Tunnel Of Penanggal in 3D".

The new feature will have both visitors running for their lives at KL Ground Zero in the war against zombies just like the film! They then have to go through a walkway of terror of zombie-infested ruins of the city.

Before going into the attraction.

The General looking through the city to screen out the zombies!

Beware of the "World War Z" zombies!

The latest addition to the park is the first and only live attraction in the world that is based on the film, which tells the story of an ex-United Nations investigator played by Brad Pitt who gets involved in a race against time to stop a pandemic that is toppling armies, governments and humanity itself.

"World War Z" is now showing in cinemas in Malaysia!

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