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"3 Doors of Horrors" premieres on YouTube

Writer: Erny Suzira

(L-R) Leroy Low, Black Cat, James Lee and Sidney Chan, directors and producer of "3 Doors of Horrors" 2014.

18 Dec – Malaysian director and producer James Lee has launched the second instalment of his omnibus "3 Doors of Horrors". The film was released yesterday on YouTube under the Doghouse73Pictures channel.

This year, "3 Doors of Horrors" presents three brand new horror shorts directed by three young and talented local directors; Leroy Low, who is also one of the directors from the first "3 Doors of Horrors"; Sidney Chan, the winner of this year's Kancil Awards and Black Cat, the finalist for this year's TropFest SEA.

The first short, "Turnover", directed by Low, is about a young man who plays basketball alone at the court only to discover that he is not really alone. "Delete", directed by Sidney Chan follows four girls who are on an assignment for an urban legend following an abandoned female toilet where girls have mysteriously disappeared. Lastly, "The Mysterious Mechanic" directed by Black Cat, focuses on a mechanic who has the ability to see supernatural beings that are unable to move on from our world.

With an aim to promote and cultivate new filmmakers' creativity and talent, Lee hopes that "3 Doors of Horrors" can become a long-lasting series which would be released annually in Malaysia.

"We are trying to release it annually by introducing three new shorts by three new directors," said Lee during the launch of "3 Doors of Horrors" at MBO Cinemas, Citta Mall yesterday.

The first "3 Doors of Horrors" released on 17 August 2013 was a success, as it had received more than 600,000 views on YouTube.

Cinema Online, 18 December 2014

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