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Zahiril Adzim hospitalised for asthma attacks

Writer: Casey Lee

Zahiril Adzim

3 Jul – Zahiril Adzim was recently hospitalised after numerous asthma attacks last week. The actor told mStar Online that he had two episodes of asthma attacks while he was filming the telemovie "Tujuh Hari Nak Raya", which was due to be broadcast for the upcoming Hari Raya.

The first attack came on 24 June when he was shooting in Selayang where he had two attacks, until the production crew had to send him to be admitted for a night at the Selayang Hospital.

After being discharged, Zahiril returned immediately to the set to continue the shoot.

"Unfortunately, I suffered an even worse attack until I was throwing up that I had to be admitted at the Damansara Specialist Center for two days and caused the production to be delayed for several days," he said.

Zahiril had to breathe through a breathing machine attached with an oxygen tank while he was admitted there.

Although Zahiril admitted that he has been an asthmatic since his teens, he had never thought that he would suffer from such severe attacks.

Zahiril is currently finishing the production of "Tujuh Hari Nak Raya" and would be in another telemovie before he will be on a break to begin preparations for Hari Raya.

Cinema Online, 03 July 2014