'Malaysia' in new trailer for "Blackhat"

'Malaysia' in new trailer for "Blackhat"

Chris Hemsworth plays a "Blackhat" in upcoming hacker movie.

26 Sep – The trailer for Chris Hemsworth's upcoming movie "Blackhat" has just been released. Malaysians with eagle eyes will be able to spot a portion of the movie which was filmed in the country, appearing for a split second in the movie's new trailer.

It may be just a tiny portion in the trailer filmed at the RHB bank building in Kuala Lumpur, but no doubt there will be a longer scene in the actual movie. Last year, the "Thor" actor did spend five days of filming in Malaysia after all.

RHB bank interior, where part of "Blackhat" was filmed at.

Another view of the bank interior that showed up in the latest
"Blackhat" trailer.

Hemsworth stars as a black hat hacker in the movie. Black hat is a term used to define hackers that hack into a system for illegal and unethical purposes; hence the change of the movie's working title from "Cyber" to the official "Blackhat".

"Blackhat" tells the story of incarcerated hacker, Nicholas Hathaway (Hemsworth) hired by the government to track down a mysterious hacker behind a high-level global cybercrime network, who has so far attacked four major banks. Promised a reduced sentence if he succeeds in his mission, he has to cooperate with his American and Chinese partners as they hunt down the hacker.

Watch the trailer below and based on the photos above, it will be easy to tell which part was filmed in Malaysia.

Which shot is set in Malaysia? Hint: Stock.

Directed by Michael Mann, the movie also stars Leehom Wang, Viola Davis, Tang Wei and Archie Kao. It is scheduled for release in January 2015.

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