"Transformers" writer to pen "Dumbo"

"Transformers" writer to pen "Dumbo"

"Transformers" writer Ehren Kruger is set to write the live-action film of Disney's 1941, "Dumbo"

9 Jul – After the box office success of Disney's "Frozen" and "Maleficient", the studio is now setting up "Transformers" writer, Ehren Kruger to pen the live-action version of Disney's famous flying elephant, "Dumbo".

The upcoming film will have Kruger in charge of the screenplay and also act as a producer alongside "Tron: Legacy" and "Oblivion" producer, Justin Springer.

"Dumbo" is a story about a peculiar baby elephant, Jumbo Jr. who has large ears and is cruelly named Dumbo because of his appearance. Dumbo is often ridiculed and bullied by the other circus animals until he discovers that he can fly using his ears as wings.

Dumbo the flying elephant from Disney's 1941 film, "Dumbo".
According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film will be an adaptation of the original 1941 Disney's "Dumbo" film with new addition of a unique family story that parallels Dumbo's story.

"Dumbo" is the latest Disney classic film that has been announced to be turned into a live-action movie. Other classic Disney tales that are already in production are "Cinderella", "The Jungle Book", "Alice Through The Looking Glass", " Beauty and The Beast" and "Cruella".

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