Franco and Rogen's photos "leaked"

Franco and Rogen's photos "leaked"

James Franco and Seth Rogen partner up for SNL skit.

8 Dec – James Franco and Seth Rogen heated things up at last weekend's Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit with some "leaked" photos of theirs.

During Franco's monologue, Rogen joined the SNL host only to tell him their private cellphone pictures had been leaked online, allegedly by the same hackers who attacked Sony Pictures two weeks prior and have been gradually leaking the company's confidential data online, including the duo's salaries for their upcoming movie, "The Interview".

"It's much, much worse than we thought it would be," Rogen joked.

A "leaked" photo of Franco (Photo source:

The duo attempting the famous photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono (Photo source:

A screenshot of the duo's "Christmas Card" (Photo source:

While the real Sony hack is anything but funny, it has, however, brought on quite the spotlight on the duo's "The Interview", a movie about two journalists who get the chance to do an interview with North Korea's very own Kim Jong-Un but end up being recruited by the CIA to assassinate the supreme leader.

The movie is set for release in North America on 25 December 2014.

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