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Jackie Chan Action Movie Gala launched

Writer: Heidi Hsia

Jackie Chan and Jean Claude Van Damme at the Jackie Chan Action Movie Gala launch.

21 Jun – The organiser of the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival recently revealed that a new event, aptly named Jackie Chan Action Movie Gala, will be held annually, beginning 2015.

As reported on ECNS, the festival revealed that the gala aims to "honour the people who have made outstanding contributions to action cinema and display the latest trends of cinematography and special effects in this genre."

Named after the internationally recognised action star, Jackie Chan, the actor himself revealed that the gala will provide more insight into the making of action scenes and films, and all the effort that goes into it.

The 60-year old Kung Fu king himself confessed to having a lot of accidents and injuries while filming his movies, saying, "People always say that Jackie Chan is a good actor, but they don't know the truth, that it is so easy for me to get hurt. After each scene, I would hurt all over."

The gala will also feature some of Jackie's 150 movies he made throughout his career, as well as forums and exhibitions of recent action productions.

Cinema Online, 21 June 2014

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