'Malaysia' mentioned in Chris Evans new movie

'Malaysia' mentioned in Chris Evans new movie

Chris Evans doesn't need a superhero costume for his upcoming rom-com.

17 Sep – Local viewers tuned to watch the new trailer for "Playing It Cool", may get a pleasant delight at hearing Malaysia mentioned within the first few seconds of the trailer, which was released recently for the "Captain America" hunk's upcoming romantic comedy.

Audience might find it a little hard to believe that someone with Chris Evan's chiseled features would have trouble when it comes to romance, but that is the storyline "Playing It Cool" is going with.

In the movie, Evans plays a screen writer who wants to write action but is forced to do a romantic comedy instead. One problem: he does not believe in love. That is until one day he meets the girl of his dreams and suddenly, he believes. Now he is trying any method he can to get his dream girl to love him back, despite the fact that she is currently engaged to another man.

Within the first 10 seconds of the trailer, Evans' "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" co-star Anthony Mackie, who presumably plays Evan's agent in the movie, is heard trying to convince Evans to take on a new project saying, ""It's six weeks in Malaysia! Malaysian women!", at which Evans then sneakily smirks at Mackie.

Whether or not Evans' character takes the job or if some scenes in the movie will feature Malaysia remains to be seen when the movie is released.

Fun question: How many times was Malaysia mentioned in the trailer?

"Playing It Cool", also known as "A Many Splintered Thing", is directed by Justin Reardon. Apart from Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie, the movie features an impressive cast made up of Michelle Monaghan, Patrick Warburton, Topher Grace, Giovanni Ribisi and Ioan Gruffudd.

There is so far no confirmed date of release yet, though it is speculated to be released by 2015. In the meantime, fans of Evans can catch him donning his Captain America costume once again in his upcoming 2015 movie "Avengers: Age of Ultron".

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