"Mat Tudung" tickles your bones

"Mat Tudung" tickles your bones

Fizz Fairuz played the crossdressing Casanova, Johari in the family comedy, "Mat Tudung".

22 Jul – After directing his first film, "Hantu Tok Mudim", Waan Hafiz is once again given the opportunity to direct another Showbiz Production film, "Mat Tudung" which features Fizz Fairuz, Nelydia Senrose and Izzue Islam as the main cast.

"Mat Tudung is a light-comedy film featuring Fizz Fairuz, Izzue Islam and Nelydia Senrose alongside other experienced artistes such as Harun Salim Bachik, Rosnah Mat Aris and many more, "said Waan Hafiz during "Mat Tudung" press preview at TGV Wangsa Walk.

He further added, "I hope that the audience will see this film as a light-hearted comedy that also conveys positive messages and moral values on family and friendship."

Other than that, Fizz Fairuz who is the main lead of the film confessed that the reason he agreed to take part in the film is because he wanted to try something new and different than his usual film roles.

"The biggest challenge for me in this role is my own fear. I am nervous because I have to spend two hours straight to change into a female. I have to wear make-up, wear 'tudung' and also become one with my character," confessed Fizz Fairuz.

"This role is completely different from those that I used to play. Previously, I was always given the role of a pious person such as 'Uztaz', but this time I was given a totally different role. I took this role as a challenge for myself and I couldn't care less of what others said. My role as a crossdresser has deeper meanings and it is not just for fun, which is why I hope that the audience would watch it first before condemning it."

Other than Fizz, Nelydia and Izzue, "Mat Tudung" will also features the talented local cast like Harun Salim Bachik, Rosnah Mat Aris, Munir, Ilya, Radhi Khalid and Jihan Raja Lawak.

The comedy film is set to release in Malaysia's cinema on the first day of Raya, 28 July 2014.

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