Ian McKellen to play retired Sherlock

Ian McKellen to play retired Sherlock

McKellen has what it takes to play the famous fictional detective

13 Jul – Sir Ian McKellen will be joining the lineup of over 70 actors who have portrayed the famous fictional detective on camera. The actor will, however, be taking on the challenge of playing the detective post retirement.

The upcoming movie, "Mr. Holmes", will be directed by Bill Condon. The two have previously worked together on Condon's 1998 Oscar-winning film "Gods and Monsters".

No doubt their latest collaboration will bring nothing but the best to the table.

From Gandalf to Holmes, McKellen is destined to play wise, old men

Set in 1947, "Mr. Holmes" will tell the story of the 93 year-old detective now retired and living by the sea. However, unable to shake a cold case off his mind, he starts his sleuthing again.

This time he is doing it sans his trusted Watson. Instead, he teams up with his housekeeper and her son to solve the crime.

As reported by The Telegraph, McKellen mentioned in a press release that, "Sherlock Holmes at 93 is retired, still solving mysteries: but here's the sting - he also keeps bees. So many splendid actors have already played the part but none of them had Bill Condon directing. I'm the lucky one: and I'm excited."

"Mr. Holmes" is set to hit the cinemas in 2015.

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