No more Andrew Garfield in "Spiderman"

No more Andrew Garfield in "Spiderman"

So long, Andrew Garfield.

15 Dec – Another leaked information revealed by Sony's mysterious hackers has exposed Marvel's plan on a clean reboot of "Spider-Man" that will no longer feature Andrew Garfield.

The rumour started from an email between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures who are in talks of splitting the production costs to a 60/40 deal for the "Spider-Man" franchise, with Marvel having complete control over the new franchise while Sony still retains the distribution rights.

According to Latino Review, if this deal goes through, Marvel has no plans of bringing back Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker as well as the other cast from "The Amazing Spider-Man" franchise.

The reason Marvel wants to take full control is due to the flop of "The Amazing Spider-Man" franchise, which is why Marvel wanted a fresh start to rebuild the franchise, Hollywood Life reports.

The hack also revealed Sony's plans on a solo film focused on Aunt May as well as an all female Spider-Man spin-off.

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2", which starred Andrew Garfield, grossed over USD9.4 million in Malaysia and made a worldwide gross of over USD708.9 million.

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