Patrick Wilson joins "Ant-Man"

Patrick Wilson joins "Ant-Man"

Patrick Wilson of "The Conjuring" will star in "Ant-Man" in a yet to be confirmed role.

2 Mar - We may have found Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man" in Paul Rudd, but the word is that "The Conjuring" star Patrick Wilson is also picked to be in the film, and he is also said to be playing a lead role.

Reports suggest that although his role may be major, the character is still currently unknown.

"Ant-Man" has been gaining a lot of attention lately with comedy movie star Paul Rudd and "Wall Street" star Michael Douglas who have been both chosen along with "Lost" and "The Hobbit" star Evangeline Lily who has also been tapped to play The Wasp.

Paul Rudd will play the titular lead, "Ant-Man".

With another sequel to "The Conjuring" in his future, Wilson is also attached to "The Man On Carrion Road" and "Caught Stealing".

The busy actor has also worked on "Zipper", "Space Station 76", "North Of Hell" and Joie Carnahan's "Stretch", which are all awaiting release dates.

Director Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man" film was set to hit cinemas on 31 July 2015, but it has been moved up to July 17 instead.

The date recently opened up when "Batman vs. Superman" was announced to be delayed for 10 months, pushing its release date to 2016.