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The 'dead' appears in "Bring Back the Dead"

The director and the two main cast of "Bring Back the Dead".

29 Dec – Acclaimed writer and director Lee Thean Jeen's latest horror film, "Bring Back the Dead" had apparently brought 'something' spooky around during the shoot of the film.

At the press conference of "Bring Back the Dead" lead actress, Jesseca Liu revealed that at the end of the shoot of the movie, Lee's wife had captured a photo of 'something'.

"I am not scared of ghost because I have never seen one in my entire life, but during the shooting 'something' did happen, something out of this world. On the last day on set, the director showed me a photo that his wife took."

When reporters asked the director for more details regarding the spooky shot, Lee said, "We shot this film at this house which has quite a history. The shot itself was in the film, around the third quarter of the film, and if you watch it closely, then you will see it."

"We took quite a few takes of that scene and no matter which take we took, 'it' is still there in all of the takes," Lee added.

The horror drama stars Singapore-based Malaysian actress, Jesseca Liu and Taiwanese artiste Jacko Chiang as husband and wife, with Shawn Tan playing the son of the couple.

The two main cast of the film, Jesseca Liu and Jacko Chiang.

The film is about a couple who recently lost their seven-year-old son due to a road accident. Unable to accept her son's death, Jia En seeks help from her former caregiver for a way to bring back her son's soul. Not long after, horrible and strange occurrences start to take place in the house and Jia En suspects that something is terribly wrong with the soul that has been brought back.

"Bring Back the Dead" will hit Malaysian cinemas this 1 January 2015 and Singaporean cinemas on 8 January 2015.

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