"The Interview" available online

"The Interview" available online

'"The Interview" is a success!'

26 Dec – Backed with presidential support, Sony Pictures has finally released its controversial "The Interview" in over 300 North American cinemas on Christmas Day.

The movie was also released on online platforms, namely on YouTube and Google Play, Deadline reports. Unfortunately, while it was trending worldwide on its release day, it was only available for viewing in the U.S. The movie has yet to be released in international cinemas.

The online version of "The Interview" is currently topping Google Play store's movie sales chart as well as the Top Selling playlist on the YouTube Movies site.

However, as is the norm with almost every big movie nowadays, shortly after the movie was available to be streamed online, pirated copies started popping up in various torrent sites. According to TorrentFreak, the number of downloads is estimated to be more than 750,000 after just 20 hours.

James Franco and Seth Rogen star in this movie about a celebrity journalist and his producer who struck a chance to interview the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, and suddenly find themselves recruited by the CIA to assassinate the leader.

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