Tony Leung joins Berlin film jury

Tony Leung joins Berlin film jury

Tony Leung in "The Grandmaster".

19 Jan – It was revealed that award-winning actor, Tony Leung (Chiu Wai) will serve as a jury for the first time for the 64th Berlin Film Festival.

According to CRI on 14 January, the festival announced their panel of jury, and revealed that the actor will be joining "Django Unchained" star and the two time Academy Award winning actor, Christoph Waltz, French surrealist director Michel Gondrty, and James Bond producer, Barbara Broccoli.

Meanwhile, "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" producer, James Schamus, will be leading the panel of jury.

When asked about his jury duty, Tong said, "I have always been invited by film festivals to sit as a member of the panel of jury. But I had to turn them down due to conflicting schedules."

Christoph Waltz will also be joining jury duty.

"Last year, "The Grandmaster" team participated in the Berlin Film Festival, and I had a great impression of the city and how wonderfully friendly the people are. I really liked it. So when my schedule was opened and they invited me to be one of the jury, I said yes," said Tony.

"I am going to Berlin with the mindset of enjoying movies," he added.

The 64th Berlin Film Festival will kick off on 6 February with Wes Anderson's film, "The Grand Budapest Hotel", and will conclude on 16 February.