Aaron Aziz working on Hong Kong production

Aaron Aziz working on Hong Kong production

Aaron Aziz busy with a new production.

20 May – Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz recently revealed that he has been busy working on another production in Hong Kong.

Aaron previously appeared in the Hong Kong film, "Female Special Force", carrying the role of a gangster. This time around, the actor did not disclose much on his involvement in the new production, according to Kosmo!, but did state that he was busy filming it earlier this year.

The actor, who made his directorial debut with "Romeo Kota" last year, also revealed that his upcoming sophomore directorial effort will take a different route from his first movie.

He will once again star in his new project, but it will not be an action or police-themed movie, as his second movie will focus more on a tragic love conflict.

"It will not be something adapted from a novel like what directors and producers tend to do nowadays. In short, the movie will be something different," he said.

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