Adam Shahz: "Juvana 2" shows a different side of Ayam

Adam Shahz: "Juvana 2" shows a different side of Ayam

Adam Shahz did all his own action scenes.

28 Oct – Adam Shahz, one of the main cast of the upcoming "Juvana 2: Terperangkap Dalam Kebebasan", revealed that director Faisal Ishak wanted to show a different side of his character, Ayam this time around.

"Okay, for the second movie, the character Ayam is shown differently than before. This is because if fans were to watch the series and the first movie, the character comes off as leader-like and selfish.

"However, in the second movie, Ayam is more supportive of his friends and helps them solve their problems, showing a camaraderie among them," said the actor to Cinema Online at the movie's premiere at Cathay Cineplex, eCurve recently.

Adam also shared that he was comfortable working with Faisal Ishak as the latter is a highly-creative director who knows how to guide and direct the cast in playing their respective roles.

When asked about the challenges faced during the filming, the short filming duration as well as having to keep up his momentum and energy was the actor's earnest reply.

He added that he even did all his stunt actions on his own, with guidance from the stuntmen.

Adam is set to be seen next in two upcoming movies, "Paradox" and "Juvana 3", the latter which is still awaiting a release date, and will also be lending his voice to animated movie, "Kanak-kanak Langkau".

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