Angelina Jolie explains recent surgery

Angelina Jolie explains recent surgery

Angelina Jolie removed her ovaries to prevent ovarian cancer.

25 Mar – Angelina Jolie has recently explained her decision to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes in order to avoid developing ovarian cancer.

The actress wrote in an Op-Ed on The New York Times, that it was suggested by her doctor for her to do the preventive surgery as it was necessary. She was told in a phone call from her doctor two weeks ago that she might be in risk of early cancer, after a blood test revealed several elevated inflammatory markers.

"Nothing in the examination or ultrasound was concerning. I was relieved that if it was cancer, it was most likely in the early stages," said Jolie, after the result of a follow-up test.

However, the "Maleficent" actress decided to undergo surgery after being advised by both Eastern and Western doctors; the risk of her developing cancer was high as three women in her family have died from cancer, including her own mother who was diagnosed at 49 and passed away at age 56.

Angelina Jolie stars as the titular "Maleficent" in the hit Disney film last year.

The 39-year-old actress previously underwent a double mastectomy two years ago, after finding out she was at high risk of developing breast cancer. Last week, Jolie underwent laparoscopic bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, removing her ovaries and fallopian tubes. She has, however, chosen to keep her uterus.

"I am now in menopause. I will not be able to have any more children, and I expect some physical changes. But I feel at ease with whatever will come, not because I am strong but because this is a part of life. It is nothing to be feared," she said.

Jolie's next appearance on the big screen will be in "By The Sea", which she also directs and writes. She will also return to voice Master Tigress in 2016's "Kung Fu Panda 3".

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