"Avengers 3" starts filming late 2016

"Avengers 3" starts filming late 2016

The Avengers assemble for the final time in "Avengers 3".

29 Apr – "Captain America" star Chris Evans revealed that the third "Avengers" film, which is split into two parts, will start filming not long after "Captain America: Civil War" wraps up.

Evans will be filming the third "Captain America" film soon, until August or September. After which he will have a little time for himself before filming on "Avengers: Infinity War" begins.

"I think, some time in the third quarter. Fall or winter of 2016. That's going to be like nine months to shoot both movies back to back," said Evans as quoted by Comingsoon.net, revealing that both "Avengers: Infinity War Part I" and "Avengers: Infinity War Part II" will be shot together.

There are no definite words yet on who will make up the cast for the final "Avengers" film but it is confirmed that "Part I" will be released on 4 May 2018 and "Part II" on 3 May 2019 in North America.

Daniel Brühl to play Baron Helmut Zemo (Photo source: kino.heute.at).

Meanwhile, for "Captain America: Civil War", it was recently confirmed by "Rush" actor Daniel Brühl himself that he will be playing the villain Baron Helmut Zemo.

The movie will feature a great line-up as Brühl and Evans will be joined by Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, Anthony Mackie's The Falcon, Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow, Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye, Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch, Chadwick Boseman's first appearance as Black Panther, and the brand-new yet-to-be-cast Spider-Man.

"Captain America: Civil War" lands in cinemas on 5 May 2016.

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