Elizabeth Tan to star in Malaysian horror comedy

Elizabeth Tan to star in Malaysian horror comedy

22-year-old songstress Elizabeth Tan.

7 May – Malaysian songstress Elizabeth Tan will soon make her film debut in the upcoming local horror comedy, "Usop Wilcha: Menghonjang Makhluk Muzium", which is inspired from the Ben Stiller starring film, "Night at the Museum".

22-year-old Tan, who will play one of the main characters of the film, said that she didn't need to audition for her role but got it through an introduction by her manager.

"That's basically how I got the role, I didn't have to cast for it or anything, I got it just like that, it really is a blessing," said Tan.

Elizabeth Tan with Usop Wilcha on the film set.
(Photo source: Usop Wilcha : Mengonjang Makhluk Muzium Facebook page)

Directed by Mamat Khalid, the film is about an exhibition on western ghosts and goblins such as werewolves and vampires in a Malaysian museum.

The monsters then mysteriously come to life at night. Thus, in order to stop the western mythical creatures, the wax figures of famous rulers such as Perak Man, Sultan Melaka, Bendahara Tun Perpatih Putih and Datuk Maharaja Lela, also come to life so that they can save their descendants in Malaysia.

One of the scenes from "Usop Wilcha: Menghonjang Makhluk Muzium".

According to Tan regarding her role in the film, she will be the person in charge of bringing the monsters as well as the wax figures of Sultans to the local museum.

"The film is going to be funny," Tan added.

The movie is expected to be released sometime next year.

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